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5 Ways To Safeguard Your Passport While Travelling

How Not To Lose Your Passport

The benefit of travelling in a group

While travelling on a coach tour or river cruise won’t reduce the risk of theft, you will have someone on hand, to help out if your passport is stolen or misplaced. Your Tour Guide or Tour Director is there to help when things like that occur. They can help you deal with the authorities, and organise an emergency replacement – remember they are more than likely to have experienced the situation before and are there to help you have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

Treat it like cash, keep it hidden

You may think airports are safe and that the many security cameras will keep your belongings safe, this is not the case. Carrying your passport in your hand makes it very easy for people around you to identify the country you are from. If you are in a foreign country they may think you’re an easier target. Purchase a travel wallet with a passport pocket, or a passport cover to conceal the passports cover.

Keep multiple copies

Before you depart for your holiday, make multiple photocopies of your passport. Leave a copies with family at home, and take copies with you. Keep a stored copy on your mobile or in your emails for quick access. You can use this in emergencies if your passport is lost or stolen.

Storing your passport

Keep your passport on you at all times while travelling to/from your destination. Whether this is locked in your carry bag or in a secure travel belt. Use this method while travelling through border crossings by land. Thieves that hang around these areas know what they are doing, and can access your luggage stored under a coach etc. without you even knowing. Don’t risk losing your important documents by storing them in luggage that is out of sight.

Don’t let your guard down at the hotel

Once you have arrived at your hotel, use the hotel safe or hand your passport into the reception to be locked and stored (if the hotel offers this service). If you store your passport in your luggage, be sure to hide your passport in an ‘unexpected place’ and keep it locked at all times. You can hide your passport in your toiletries bag (with a plastic film or sandwich bag), or in a sock and put this in a sneaker or enclosed shoe.


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