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APT Coach ToursAPT holidays are designed for the premium end of the market and offer quality, first-class experiences. APT offer a great choice of touring styles including river cruising, touring around the world and small group Kimberley tours & coastal crusies. Each holiday presents a mix of cultural activities, luxurious accommodation, world-class dining and more. On many of the company's holidays, APT's innovative Freedom Concept allows travellers to choose from a range of touring and dining options. Click here if you are looking for APT river cruises.
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Enjoy Alaska cruising and Canada touring with APT and book your holiday with Global Journeys - Australia's touring specialist to receive unbeatable savings! View All APT Canada & Alaska Tours As a small island state with some of Australia’s finest roads, Tasmania is the perfect destination for experiencing the relaxation and convenience of coach touring holidays. Spectacular vistas of dense rainforests, rolling green hills, and rugged coastlines await around each corner. View All 2014 & 2015 APT Tasmanian Tours The vast cultures of the South Americas give you the ultimate holiday variety. From The Amazon to the Antarctic, book your next APT tour of South America with Global Journeys today! View All APT South America Tours Explore the dynamic and diverse cities of the USA, a land of towering forests, rolling vineyards, barren deserts and dramatic coastlines. Immerse yourself in the tapestry of its urban streets and its sprawling national parks and monuments in APT's trademark style. View All APT USA Tours
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From the ancient cities, modern culture and stunning scenery of China to the spirituality and serenity of Tibet – the trip of a lifetime awaits with APT or experience tantalising sights, sounds, smells and tastes on your journey through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with APT. Discover APT's range of small-group African adventures taking you to experience the raw essence of Africa in the most personalised and intimate manner possible, without compromising on the style, convenience and security that our discerning travellers have come to expect. 2015/16 APT New Zealand Brochure Released! Experience majestic cruises, unforgettable train trips and incomparable land journeys with APT in New Zealand! 2015 APT Kimberley Wilderness Tours & Cruising Brochure Released! APT has been showing the remote rugged beauty of the Kimberley and revealing its secrets to guests for more than 40 years. Expert Driver-Guides, state-of-the-art 4WD vehicles, and the strategic settings of APT wilderness lodges, all work in perfect harmony to give you an unforgettable holiday. View All 2015 KWA Kimberley Tours


10 Most Popular APT Coach Tours
18 Day Royal Tourer New Zealand (Auckland to Christchurch) from AU $5,545 pp
10 Day Tasman Temptation (Launceston to Launceston) from AU $4,160 pp
14 Day New Zealand Highlighter (Auckland to Christchurch) from AU $4,715 pp
19 Day Rockies Explorer & Alaska Cruise (Vancouver to Vancouver) from AU $10,635 pp
18 Day Majestic Rockies & Alaska Cruise (Victoria to Seattle) from AU $9,875 pp
23 Day Magnificent New Zealand (Auckland to Christchurch) from AU $8,320 pp
12 Day Vietnam & Cambodia Highlights (Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap) from AU $4,195 pp
14 Day Gems of the Rockies (Vancouver to Vancouver) from AU $8,735 pp
10 Day Discover Eastern Canada (Toronto to Montreal) from AU $5,650 pp
9 Day Southern Tourer (Christchurch to Christchurch) from AU $2,955 pp


Recent APT Coach Tour Reviews
Past clients of Global Journeys that chose to travel with APT have sent us their feedback on their return home. Their comments and insights can help you decide on the tour best suited to your travel plans. We've listed the 5 most recent reviews below, click here to view all APT tour reviews.

20 Day Best of Vietnam and Cambodia (APT Asia)

Best of Vietnam and Cambodia The Tour Director and all the local guides were excellent and made our trip one to remember. Booking with Global Journeys was so easy and efficient.

Overall Rating
Value For Money
Coach Quality
Global Journeys Experience
Tour Guide
Included Excursions
Optional Excursions
Tour Pace

Jeff & Susan (Australia)
Tour Date 06/02/2015

8 Day Luxury Mekong River Cruise (APT Asia)

Luxury Mekong River Cruise All in all the organisation of this cruise was impressive. The staff were friendly, thoughtful and proactive. The standard of accommodation and meals was high. The off boat excursions were always interesting and on the whole not the sort of things which could be accomplished on a self organised tour. The guides, especially the guide in Cambodia (Minau), were helpful and informative. Well done all. I do have a quibble over the advertising. The brochure and initial tour schedule listed the cruise as passing through Lake Tonle Sap. This was amended just prior to us leaving Australia because of bridge work over the Tonle river. While we did in the end cruise on Lake Tonle Sap, comments from the staff indicated that no APT cruise had been through the lake since sometime in 2013; the principal reason being that the water levels were too low. This being the case, it is somewhat misleading of APT to include the lake in the cruise brochure without some reference to the likelihood of this part of the cruise having to be amended and substituted with a 5 hour coach journey. We were lucky. Our AmaLotus cruise was the first to go through the lake for over a year and was to be the last until the lake fills during the 2015 rainy season. Other cruises for the next seven months or so will not include the lake. I believe your clients should informed of this prior to booking confirmation.

Overall Rating
Value For Money
Coach Quality
Global Journeys Experience
Tour Guide
Included Excursions
Tour Pace

Ross & Margaret Henty (Australia)
Tour Date 10/11/2014

19 Day Rockies Explorer & Alaska Cruise (APT Canada & Alaska)

Rockies Explorer & Alaska Cruise This is just a note to say how much we enjoyed the tour of the Rockies and Alaska that you organised for us last August. It's a spectacular train journey and the accommodation all along the way was first rate. The tour leader, Sue, and the driver of the bus, Charles, were just lovely people. We thought that the 19 day tour was just enough for us - after that we went across to Toronto and up to Quebec .. then back by rail across Canada. That was a very relaxing and laid back part of our trip. Another thing .. the Air Canada flights (especially booking the exit row and bulkhead seats) was a pleasure ... great staff and we really enjoyed the company of the older stewards on the flight ... they were forever asking us if we wanted anything. Just brilliant. So altogether a great experience - even though at the end we were really happy to be home.

The only disappointment for us was the flight back from Sydney to Perth. The plane was one which had a central aisle and 3 seats either side ... extremely uncomfortable, and the worst food we had encountered. The stewards were very nice and helpful though. That might sound petty but Qantas needs to now look at some better seating in its economy class rather than just quantity and bottom line figures. Not sure if you've had any other complaints about that but I don't think we'll fly Qantas again even though we have been very supportive of the airline in the past. Hope you are keeping well and again, thanks for organising that tour for us, just a delightful memory.

Overall Rating
Value For Money
Coach Quality
Global Journeys Experience
Tour Guide
Included Excursions
Optional Excursions
Tour Pace

Max & Barb Slater (Australia)
Tour Date 23/08/2014

22 Day Rockies Odyssey & Alaska Cruise (APT Canada & Alaska)

Rockies Odyssey & Alaska Cruise This Canadian & Alaskan APT tour was just a fabulous experience, surpassed our expectation. Just loved the two day Rocky Mountaineer rail journey, sitting back and taking in the landscape and being looked after by very dedicated and professional staff. The 12 day coach journey was fantastic staying in the best accommodation and great meals and being entertained and informed ever step of the way by our tour director great job. Then just to finish off, seven day cruise on Holland America, this part was just unbelievable first class.

Overall Rating
Value For Money
Coach Quality
Global Journeys Experience
Tour Guide
Included Excursions
Optional Excursions
Tour Pace

Claudia & Henry Kalver (Australia)
Tour Date 13/08/2014

29 Day Best of Vietnam, Cambodia & China (APT Asia)

Best of Vietnam, Cambodia & China Our trip was wonderful! Accommodation excellent, tours ran to schedule and tour leaders very knowledgeable. A few delays with flights in China but apparently this is normal and soon sat back and let it all happen. Restaurants were high class and people were only too happy to help. Would suggest this trip to anyone who was considering these countries as I am sure we would have seen half the things if we had of tried to organise it ourselves. Thank you!

Overall Rating
Value For Money
Coach Quality
Global Journeys Experience
Tour Guide
Included Excursions
Optional Excursions
Tour Pace

Pamela Keuning (Australia)
Tour Date 12/08/2014
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APT Tours

A family-owned company since its auspicious conception in the 1920s, APT had its beginnings when Bill McGeary built a bus body on a tray truck after a tram strike affected the city of Melbourne. Through Bill's son, Geoff, APT pioneered Australia's dynamic travel industry in the 1960s and 70s via a diverse range of modes. Such innovation continues to thrive within the APT Group today, now a multi-brand business with an extensive global portfolio of touring and cruising products still owned and controlled by the McGeary family.

APT FamilyNow, with a third generation of the family contributing to the APT Group's success, the benefits of the company's family-style culture are increasingly apparent. While vigorously pursuing a global vision, the unwavering focus is on delivering a life-enriching and memorable holiday experience for each and every individual.

The APT Group recently embarked on a program of international growth, with the objective of positioning the company as a truly global tour and cruise operator and one of the world's leading travel companies. In doing so, the company has embraced an efficient, goal-oriented business that nurtures and develops a culture of exceptional performance. We will continue to expand on our present commitment to touring in regions that include Europe, Scandinavia, the Americas and Asia.

As the number one tour operator in Australia and New Zealand, the company is committed to the continuation of its role as a fully integrated travel business by owning and operating its touring and cruising operations.



Where We Go

APT North America, Canadian Rockies and Alaska North America, Canadian Rockies and Alaska
APT has perfected touring in the Rockies and Alaska for travellers looking to discover stunning natural wonders. North America is a destination that offers something for everyone - from the vibrant and exciting cities of Vancouver and Toronto, to the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies and Alaska's Inside Passage. If you're wanting to experience the cruise of a lifetime, a train journey not to be missed, and the chance to visit places of spectacular beauty, then APT's Canada, Alaska and America is for you. See our range of trips>
APT Tasmania Tasmania
There are few places in the world like Tasmania. Where friendly people greet you with a smile, and show you the rich colonial history that has shaped present day Australia. All this and more is within a short drive to some of Australia’s last remaining untouched wilderness regions. Tasmania has something for everybody. See our range of trips>
APT Europe including Russia, Scandinavia and the Baltics Europe, Russia, Scandinavia and the Baltics
Away from busy highways, the rivers of Europe and Russia thread intimately through beautiful and historic landscapes. European river cruising is quite possibly the most leisurely and convenient way to travel. As the clear market leaders, with over eight years of experience in river cruising, we have created a wide variety of dream journeys ideal for the traveller looking to discover Europe and Russia. Read More>
APT Africa Africa
A small-group African safari with APT is unlike any other holiday you’ll ever take. From close-up game-viewing to unique outdoor dining; private 4WD game drives to iconic hotels and resorts; superb game lodges to exclusive camps; and private rail journeys to air and river safaris – APT have taken the best elements of independent African travel and enhanced them. You can experience the essence of this wild continent in the most personalised manner possible, without compromising on the style, convenience and security for which APT are renowned.



Coach Touring Styles

APT Touring

APT is the APT Group's flagship company. Its holidays are designed for the premium end of the market and offer quality, first-class experiences. The company offer a great choice of touring styles including river cruising, coach travel, & 4WD adventures. Each holiday presents a mix of cultural activities, luxurious accommodation, world-class dining and more. On many of the company's holidays, APT's innovative Freedom Concept™ allows travellers to choose from a range of touring and dining options. Further, all holidays are operated by a dedicated team of professionals, who ensure each holiday is as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

APT Kimberley Wilderness Adventures

APT Kimberley Wilderness Adventures has been operating 4-wheel drive safari tours throughout the Kimberley for more than 15 years, and are recognised as the touring specialists in the region. The APT Group stands for quality, value and excellence. The APT Group encompasses a number of companies, including Kimberley Wilderness Adventures, and leads the way with a greater choice of holidays.


As a member of the well-known and always reliable APT, you can think of Travelmarvel as the "everyday touring option from APT." Travelmarvel offers affordable touring and cruising of exceptional quality in Tasmania, Western Australia, and Queensland. When you travel with us, you will receive the great value for money touring for which Travelmarvel is known, as well as all the reassurances of travelling with a well respected and reliable tour operator, APT.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my documents?

Once your tour is fully paid for, we will email your tour itinerary to you so you that have a copy on hand including your arrival instructions This generally happens around 30-40 days out from your tour start date. On arrival in New Zealand you'll be met at the airport and you'll then receive your tour documentation, tour wallet and travel bag.

Who else will be travelling with me?

Travel with like-minded English speaking people from such countries as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, America and Canada. Our seat rotation policy allows you to mix with fellow travellers and see spectacular landscapes from all angles. Our clients are generally 50+, but more than age a positive attitude is important in a group situation. We have found ages to be as diverse and varied as the sites and attractions you will see on tour.

How many people will be on tour with me?

There will be a maximum of 44 people on your coach, however the coach carries an average of just 40 guests.

Will the coach be modern and comfortable?

APT’s fleet of luxury motor coaches provides you with the pinnacle of touring luxury. Coaches feature as standard: air-conditioning, toilet/restroom, video screen, comfortable reclining seats with foot rests, state of the art sound system, on-board drinking water, air suspension and large panoramic windows.

What are APT Tour Managers like?

Your Tour Manager and Driver are both highly trained industry professionals committed to making your holiday a cherished memory. Their informed and entertaining commentary will showcase their passion for this country and an in-depth knowledge of its history, wildlife, culture and legends. From the moment you join your tour, our Tour Manager and Driver are there to look after you, to make sure you’re comfortable, to take care of all arrangements, to answer queries and to provide a friendly face. So the only thing you need to do on your holiday, is sit back,
relax and enjoy yourself.

What will our accommodation be like?

Your accommodation is one of the most important elements of your holiday. This is why we have carefully chosen the best hotels on offer to tour groups, to complement your level of touring. We are proud to provide superior accommodation with the highest levels of comfort, service and cuisine available.In the more remote locations, hotel standards may vary, but we always provide the best accommodation vailable for touring groups wherever we go.

What does the tour cost include?

APT's Premier Plus Escorted, Premier Escorted and Travelmarvel tour prices all include meals and touring activities as specified, cruises and rail, accommodation, transfers where applicable, sightseeing, entrance fees and even tipping for these services is taken care of.

What are the meals like?

APT will endevour to cater for all special diets and preferences. Please advise us of your dietary requirements at the time of booking and we will include the information within your booking to ensure you are catered for appropriately. Please note that in more remote locations options may be more limited.

Do you have APT tour reviews I can read before I decide?

We request feedback from past clients who have travelled with APT and booked with Global Journeys. You can read their APT touring reviews here, and each of our tour itinerary pages displays past client reviews relating to that particular tour.

Are the flights included?

Flights are generally not included within your tour. Normally, the itinerary will specifically state that flights are included when this is the case. Global Journeys reservations staff will be happy to assist you with your flight reservations in conjunction with APT to tie in with your tour.